Funeral photography for life celebrations and memorials

Weddings, christenings, birthdays are all life events that are captured with photography, I capture all of these along with funerals. I do prefer them to be called life celebrations, a time to reflect on the wonderful memories you have of your loved one.

I capture the moments of a funeral to give a final chapter in a person’s life, starting at the home, the service itself and the wake. People do smile at wakes, remembering the wonderful moments of a life, the stories and the good time – that’s what I capture to give you a memorable story book for you to browse and remind you of a wonderful life.

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I can’t thank you enough for how wonderful you portrayed Julian’s funeral. 
You caught the day the way people were talking about it “what a wonderful day” “that’s the way I would like to be sent off” so many comments and all positive, yes, we did cry but we laughed also and the way we felt about Julian couldn’t have been better put as you did with your wonderful photographs.